Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 4: Shutter Speed - Part 1

The Fireplace. At night. Here we have two shots that give a pretty good idea of what the SHUTTER does. Yesterday, we shot in A or AV. Today, it is S or TV (Time Value, NOT television). As the name implies, this is the TIME in which light is allowed into the camera. In the first shot, I wanted to see the flames of the fire, so I set the shutter for a quick shutter speed. (1/250th of a second). As you can see, at this relatively fast speed it does not allow a ton of light in, so it is a bit dark. But that didn't matter much to me - yet. I wanted to see the flames. If I were to give it a longer shutter speed, say - one full second, you would be able to see more of the fire place, but the fast moving flames would blur, as shown:

Once again, as I chose my shutter speed, my camera chose the APERTURE and the ISO (tomorrows topic). So, yes I now control the speed of my shutter, but the camera now controls the amount of the scene which is in focus. Soon, we will take control of everything. Baby steps...
Today's homework: Have some Southern Brew Iced Tea.